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The TRS-80, Tandy and Brother programs/utilities provided at 8bit-Micro have been collected from many sources, BBS systems long gone and

some current websites.  The files that we include in this section are those we have classified as 'hard to find' and in some cases are not

available on any other support sites.  8bit-micro provide these to you without any warranties or implied guarantee and use of these files are at

your own risk, they are provided here as a service to you.  Please feel free to download these programs and share with others.


Brother Powernote, PN-4400, PN-8500 MS-DOS File Conversion Program.  Includes Spreadsheet Templates, Word Processor Templates and Turnabout Game. 543 KB PN-CONVERT.ZIP
  Brother Powernote, PN-4400, PN-8500 MS-DOS File Conversion Program User Manual in Microsoft Word Format. 3,898 KB PN-CONVERT.DOC
  Word Processor Laptop DOS.  Utility written for the Tandy WP2 & WP3 and Citizen CBM-10WP.  Lets you network your word processor to your PC for file transfer and conversion. For MS-DOS 62 KB WP2-ARC.EXE
Tandy WP2 / WP3 Owners Manual.  PDF File, 300 Dpi Image file.  This is the entire owners manual for the popular Tandy Word Processor. 4,862 KB WP2-MAN.ZIP


TRS-80 / Tandy Computer BIOS Setup Programs


These programs are used to change the BIOS setup of Tandy systems. You need to make sure you get the right setup program for your system;

some of the older setups do not detect the system. Check the model number which is the same number as the Radio Shack SKU (Stock Keeping

Unit).  This number is printed on the back or bottom of the machine.


Not all Tandy computers have set-up programs.  The original Tandy 1000, 1000A, 1000HD and 1200 do not require a BIOS set-up program.  In

many cases some settings can be changed using jumper or DIP switches.  Use of these programs are at your own discretion.  If you have any

problems setting up your Tandy computer contact your local Radio Shack.


These files are self-extracting archives.


  Model Model Number File Size Bytes
  Tandy 1000HX BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUPHX.EXE 250-1053 18,747
  Tandy 1000RL[-HD]  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUPRL.EXE 250-1450/1451 22,879
  Tandy 1000RLX[-HD]  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUPRLX.EXE 250-1452/1453 29,926
  Tandy 1000RLX-B[-HD]  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUPRLXB.EXE 250-1452B/1453B 28,390
  Tandy 1000RSX[-HD]  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUPRSX.EXE 250-1454/1455 28,403
  Tandy 1000SL  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUPSL.EXE 250-1401 23,452
  Tandy 1000SL/2  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUPSL2.EXE 250-1402 22,637
  Tandy 1000TL  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUPTL.EXE 250-1601 23,452
  Tandy 1000TL/2  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUPTL2.EXE 250-1602 22,634
  Tandy 1000TL/3  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUPTL3.EXE 250-1603 30,270
  Tandy 1100FD  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUP_11.EXE 250-3530 22,961
  Tandy 1110HD  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUP111.EXE 250-3531 26,938
  Tandy 1500HD  BIOS / CMOS Set-up program. SETUP15.EXE 250-3506 22,993



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