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TRS-80 Model II

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Early Intel and Zilog CPU

based portable personal



TRS-80 Model I

TRS-80 Model III

TRS-80 Model IV

Color Computer

Color Computer 2

Color Computer 3



Early ultra-light personal

computers based on Intel

and Zilog CPU's.  These

units are all unique in

their class.

TRS-80 Model II

Tandy Model 12

Tandy Model 16, 16b



Once again systems

caught between CPU


TRS-80, Tandy 2000

Tandy 1200

MC 10



Simply the best personal

computers built. 

Operated under MS-DOS

2.11 to 6.22.  Based on

the IBM PC. Jr.

Tandy 1000, 1000a

Tandy 1000SX ,1000TX

Tandy 1000 SL,TL & TL2

Tandy 1000EX, 1000 HX

Tandy 1000 RL, RLX

Announced: July 1979

Released: October 1979

CPU: Zilog Z-80A, 4 MHz

RAM: 64K

Ports: Two serial ports, One

parallel port

Display: Built-in 12"

monochrome monitor ,24 X

40 or 24 X 80 text.

Storage: One 500K 8 inch

built-in floppy drive. External

Expansion w/ 3 floppy bays.

Operating System: TRS-



Tandy's official announcement of the Model II came via the "Radio Shack, Microcomputer

Newsletter  July 1979 issue.  The bold headlines read , "The New TRS-80 Model II isHere!

" The following is a quote from that article.


"The TRS-80 Model 11 is a microcomputer system specifically designed for the small

business environment. It operates at twice the speed of the TRS-80 Model I and has disk

storage space expandable up to almost two million bytes. Database oriented applications

such as integrated accounting systems, inventory control systems and order entry systems

are ideal application areas for the Model 11."


The Model II was released specifically for the business world, and what gave it that

distinction was that is sported 'mass storage' in the form of it's 8" 500Kbytes floppies.  This

would hold 5 times the data of the 5.25" floppy.  With the database applications of the

day, a small business could store considerable data onto that system.  Tandy further

offered additional chained floppy drives, and 5MB. and 10MB, Hard Drives.  This unit

would later be replaced by the more superior Model 12 and 16.  The Model II would be

later re-invented as a the smaller footprint TRS-80 Model IV with the eight inch drives

replaced by 4 inch floppies and a 12" display. 





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