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The Tandy Laptop Computers

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Early Intel and Zilog CPU

based portable personal



Tandy 1400LT

Tandy 1400FD

Tandy 1100FD

Tandy 1110HD



Early ultra-light personal

computers based on Intel

and Zilog CPU's.  These

units are all unique in

their class.


TRS-80 Model 100

Tandy Model 102

Tandy Model 200

Citizen CBM-10WP

Tandy WP2/3


Brother PN-4400/8500


NEC 8300

Amstrad NC-100/200



Early Laptop computers

that were to little to late

for their marketplace. 

These units missed the

mark when the Intel 8808

CPU and MS-DOS was

being favored by


NEC 8401

Tandy 600


The Luggable


Early portable computers

characterized by weight

and size.  Marketed as

the companion to the

busy professional.  These

units were being sold side

by side with the earliest



TRS-80 Model 4p

Osborne I

Kaypro II

Olivetti Portable Page


Model: Tandy 1110 FD

First Released: 1992

CPU: 8/8bit NEC V20 @ 10 Mhz.

RAM: 640K

ROM: 32K for Bios

Ports: One serial ports, One parallel


Display: LCD super-twisted nematic,

green Chip Set MN5504 LCD CGA


Storage: 720K 3.5" Floppy, 20MB IDE

Hard Drive.

Weight: 6.6 Lbs

Battery: Lead-acid rechargeable, 3.5



Operating System: DeskMate Interface, MS-DOS 3.32 in ROM


Keeping on the 8bit-Micro tradition, we will only be covering the 8bit cpu laptop/notebooks

from Tandy Corporation. Tandy's MS-DOS notebooks were based on the NEC V20

processors.  Short lived was the Tandy 1100FD and Tandy 1100HD notebooks.  Released in

1992 the 1100 Series was based on the then

popular NEC V20 processor clocked at 10 MHz.


These units were short lived due to the fact that

competitors were already producing VGA

notebooks based on Intel's 16bit processor the

80286.  Further Tandy designed these with only

two ports with no internal features such

as a modem or external video port. 


This is not to say that the unit was of poor

quality.  The Tandy 1100 Series was well

thought out.  With it's DeskMate Interface on

ROM that machine took 3 seconds to boot up

into MS-DOS 3.3, and you were ready to start to

work.  In comparison to the TRS-80 Model 100

and 102 the Tandy 1100FD and 1110 HD were

positioned to take the same market.


In 1991 prior to the release of the Tandy

1100FD, Tandy released the Model 1400LT. 

This was a heavy unit also based on the NEC

V20 processor with a switchable clock speed

of 7.16 Mhz / 4.77 Mhz.  The 1400LT had an

inferior display to the 1100FD  with its backlit

CGA LCD display.  The 1400 LT had a built

in modem and math-coprocessor.  Tandy

designed the unit well when it came to

external ports.  The Tandy 1400LT not only

had the standard


Serial and Parallel ports, it also sported a

DB-9 CGA port and RCA composite output. 

This gave the unit an educational edge for

overhead display panels.


Images from top to bottom:  Tandy 1110 HD

Tandy 1400FD and the Tandy 1400LT.




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